Galaxy high-speed machine:

About our product:

Galaxy high speed computer embroidery machine, the rotational speed can reach 1200 RPM, bring customers higher output and better embroidery quality

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Machine performance:

Galaxy high-speed computerized embroidery machine, speed up to 1200 revolutions per minute, for customers to bring higher output and better quality embroidery

The machine head adopts double CAM and double drive structure, high wear resistance and high precision machine head accessories, motor jump lock, low failure rate and low noise

The wire clipper adopts better wire roller and spring to ensure smooth wire crossing. It is equipped with intelligent alarm board to reduce wire breakage, empty alarm and missing alarm

The latest high-speed electronic control, hd true color display screen, 16-bit color display, three-dimensional pattern, multi-machine networking function

The latest suspension frame features a new structure that reduces friction resistance, stronger aluminum and large bearings, making it more suitable for high-speed machines (optional)

Frame servo motor, with high precision linear guide, to meet the machine running accuracy and speed requirements

The latest automatic wire cutting system is more stable and efficient

Step color change system makes color change faster and pin position more accurate (optional)

Face line clamping can effectively lock face line, reduce striping and improve production efficiency (optional)

The automatic refueling device can set the parameters as required and feed the lubricating oil into the spindle automatically (optional).