Galaxy multi - functional tapping embroidery machine:

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Coring embroidery are mainly used for wedding dresses and children's clothing,sportswear, T shirt,clothing fabrics,scarf, home decoration, bedding etc
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Machine performance:

Galaxy multi-function tape embroidery machine has mixed tape embroidery machine and pure tape embroidery machine.Tape embroidery machine head can be used rope embroidery, flat belt embroidery, winding embroidery, zigzag embroidery, drape embroidery and other materials to create a variety of unique and wonderful patterns

Double plate structure reduces refueling time and improves production efficiency

The height of the foot can be adjusted on the computer according to the fabric and thickness

Embroidery sawtooth embroidery can be set on the computer swing rod amplitude to achieve the best results

Tapered embroidery after the end of the foot pressure will automatically lift, convenient refueling and cloth clip

Automatic return to the origin when parking can facilitate refueling

Separate head independent embroidery function

Equipped with a variety of material mouth, through more refueling mouth and computer Settings, to achieve a variety of embroidery effects

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