The nose of failure

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1. No needle or half of the needle will bounce back (needle dancing phenomenon)

(1) the electromagnet did not release, always in a working state.Check the electromagnet.

(2) on the dead point position is wrong, adjust 0° position.

The place block damage.Change the pendulum.

(4) pin rod guide plate damage, replace the pin rod guide plate.

(5) operation error, check whether in the repair embroidery position.

2. The minimum position of 172° is often offset, check whether the eccentric chuck is clamped.

3. Do not press the foot when parking.

(1) the electromagnet failure, clean or replace the electromagnet.

(2) broken line detection board fault, check the plug, detection line and broken line detection board.

(3) power plate damage, fuse burn out or bridge burn out.Exchange.

(4) pin rod spring is not good, exchange spring.