Trimming parts

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1. Keep cutting lines

(1) shear line electromagnet does not work or shear line CAM Angle is not right.Adjust the wire box.

(2) scissors are sundry.Remove clutter.

The scissors position is not right.Adjust the position of scissors.

(4) fixed knife and movable knife damage or gap is not right.Adjust or replace blades.

2. The cutting line is too short (flying line, after the cutting action is completed, the surface line will come out from the pinhole)

(1) cutting line CAM work in advance.Adjust the working time of the CAM.

(2) button wire electromagnet bad or the position is wrong.Adjust or swap.The computer parameters are not right.Adjust computer parameters or replace computer chips.

3. Can't lift the bottom line after cutting the line

(1) damage to the thread reed.Replace the spring.

The shuttle shell is not good.Change shuttle shells.

4. Cut too long

(1) fixed knife is too close to the outside.Adjust the fixed knife.

(2) the computer parameters are wrong.Adjust computer parameters.

5. Start rolling after cutting

The thread Angle is not right. The thread is not returned to the original position after working. Adjust the thread.

6. The cutting doesn't work

(1) the scissors is not in place, close to turn off the light.

(2) the computer shear signal did not open.

7. The hook line is not in place

(1) the position of the hook line is not right, wire clip hook.Adjust hook wire device.

(2) close to turn off the light is not on, focus on the hook motor Angle is not right.Adjust the position and Angle of hook wire motor and computer parameters.